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Professionally Installed Synthetic Turf in Dallas, Texas by Southwest Greens.

Synthetic Grass TurfReal grass can be difficult to maintain. There’s the cost of mowing and watering, even fertilizing. And if you didn’t pay somebody else to take care of those tasks for you, there’s the cost of your precious time. Most homeowners want a beautiful lawn. It’s the Wisteria Lane look that makes it all seem perfect. But as most homeowners know, that look is rarely ever achieved and even more difficult to maintain. For a yard that looks great and stays green without the added expense and long hours of work, install Southwest Greens artificial turf and grass.

Our artificial turf, made from the finest synthetics, is being installed in residential and commercial areas. With our turf, you can turn your backyard into a putting green, or simplify your weekend schedule by taking out the routine yard work. You can install our turf indoors or outdoors, in the backyard or the front yard, or both. Artificial turf can be designed to be installed in playground areas, for apartment buildings, homes and commercial areas.

Some people worry that artificial grass and turf will give their lawn an unrealistic look. Our synthetics do not look fake! So you can install our artificial turf and feel confident in knowing that it will look as close to real as possible. With our installation and construction techniques you’ll get a quality synthetic lawn that you won’t be ashamed to have seen.

For your ticket to a hassle free lawn, call Southwest Greens Louisiana for installation of your artificial turf and grass today!
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