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Artificial Grass Tee Lines in Dallas, Texas.

Tee LinesThe constant use of tee lines makes real grass tee lines difficult to maintain. But with our synthetic grass tee lines, you can have an area that will withstand the heavy traffic better than real grass, and will be easier to maintain. Our expertly constructed and installed synthetics are the best and will make the best tee lines for your area. If you’re looking for tee lines that can hold up to heavy traffic, are low maintenance, will look great, and still allow for proper functioning, then our synthetic grass tee lines are for you.

Even pro golfers have used Southwest Greens putting greens and golf greens for their homes. They surely know the value of having a professional surface to practice their game. It can be the difference between winning and losing. For something that important, they wouldn’t trust just anybody. Southwest Greens has been developing and installing greens for years. We have the quality materials and the expert installation that you need to create your synthetic tee line area. Trust the pros for a great tee line for your area.

Your customers will love your new, improved tee lines!  The performance and quality are of professional caliber. Southwest Greens is recognized all over for their excellent synthetic grass, golf greens, putting greens, and tee lines. We at Southwest Greens Louisiana can install a tee line to fit your needs. Enjoy the benefits of synthetics by having an area that will require little work to maintain and gives you professional tee line quality that your customers will enjoy. Experience the Southwest Greens difference by installing one of our synthetic tee lines for your golfing needs today!
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