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We install custom, artificial golf turf for residential and commercial locations throughout Dallas

Dallas Putting Greens

Putting Green Construction LouisianaHave you ever wanted to build your own golf greens? Do you think it’s impossible due to cost or the size of your area? Our artificial golf grass could be for you. We can design a custom putting green for your Dallas home that will not only make laborious yard work a thing of the past, but will also allow you to save money. Just think of the money each year that you spend in watering, mowing, fertilizing, and de-weeding your real grass. With our synthetic golf turf, you can cut out the cost of upkeep for real grass since it requires very little maintenance. Dallas residents love how our putting greens stay lush all year to give you a beautifully kept look for your landscape.

We make our putting greens from the finest synthetics available. Along with our advanced construction and installation techniques, this sets our golf greens apart from the competition. You can practice your game to improve your putt, invite friends over and enjoy an afternoon of golf, relieve stress after work, or bring the family together for fun that everyone is sure to enjoy. If you’re looking for a way to practice your game without leaving your Dallas home, then custom-made putting greens are the answer for you. Step out into your backyard and avoid the traffic congestion.

Want to install one of our artificial putting greens in a commercial area? We can do that too. Parks, colleges, office buildings, and many other commercial developments have benefited by adding our synthetic turf to their area. It is easy to maintain and drastically reduces the cost of long-term lawn upkeep. See for yourself why thousands of people have chosen our artificial grass for their residential or commercial areas throughout Dallas. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!
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