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Indoor Putting Greens in Dallas, Texas

Where can I build a putting green?

Dallas Texas indoor putting greens and home putting greens from SWG Dallas!  Have us build a putting green today and start lowering your score tomorrow! We provide expert construction and will build the best custom, outdoor residential backyard synthetic and artificial putting greens for your area.  Our grass does not look fake!  It looks, feels, and acts just like real bentgrass. Building a custom design putting green has never been easier!

Dallas indoor putting greens Texas indoor putting greens Dallas home putting greens
build a putting green construction outdoor

If you've ever dreamed of having indoor putting greens in your personal or commercial area, then we can design and build a putting green that's perfect for you. Our home putting greens have the best construction and installation techniques, making building a better lawn easier and more affordable than ever. If you want to make your outdoor residential backyard area look great and have low maintenance, then our synthetic and artificial turf is for you. Imagine saving time on yard work and being able to practice your game at home. By installing one of our indoor putting greens or home putting greens, you can do just that. Build a putting green of professional quality and start seeing results in your game tomorrow. We will take care of the construction and installation for your outdoor, residential, or commercial backyard synthetic grass. Artificial turf has never looked so good and been so affordable! 

Dallas Texas indoor putting greens by SWG, gives you the best home putting greens around! Build a putting green for your commercial area, or contact us for construction on your outdoor residential backyard area. Our synthetic and artificial golf system will give you personal enjoyment for years to come.

Servicing the following in Texas and Louisiana:

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